Your Marriage Vows

In The Gym.

Strengthen your vows through fitness with the bracelet that keeps your marriage moving in the right direction.

Research shows that couples who workout together have healthier marriages. SISUVOW is committed to helping prioritize fitness into the marital relationship.

The SISUVOW bracelet is the universal symbol that promotes a healthy lifestyle representing the commitment to be married in fitness and in health.

An alternative to

the wedding ring in the gym.

When it’s time to remove your wedding ring for the gym, the SISUVOW bracelet declares your commitment to your health and marriage. It stands as a reminder to follow the right direction in honoring your vow.

No more leaving your diamond ring in a gym locker. This comfortable bracelet is a safer way to represent your vows in the gym.

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Couples -

Who Work Out Together Create A Stronger Connection.

Studies show that couples who work out together bring a healthier dynamic into the marriage. Healthier individuals result in stronger marriages which lead to healthier families and ultimately a stronger society as a whole.

Married In Fitness And In Health.

Build and honor a healthier marriage vow with this token of lifetime commitment.

Always Feel Connected to Your Partner

There are times when we need to take our wedding bands off. SISUVOW is your backup bond of affection that stands in place of the ring and allows you to feel connected to your partner while giving that sense of security for your marriage.

Personal Touch

With SISUVOW snug-fitting leather design and personal inscriptions, you will reflect your commitment through being married in fitness and in health leaving your wedding ring in a safe place and wearing the SISUVOW bracelet.

A Safe & Durable Option

Wear SISUVOW when exercising, working, or traveling and avoid the risk of injuries or damages to your cherished jewelry all the while promoting healthy marriages and lifestyles in society.

For better or worse.

Your choices today shape your world tomorrow. Proactively take the leap that leads to a healthier path in marriage and in life. Honor the SISUVOW and follow the right path with this compass reminder.

“Any marriage can be saved and any marriage can be lost. It all comes down to whether or not a couple will stop doing the things that harm a marriage and start doing the things that build a marriage.”

- Dr. Joe Beam / Marriage Helper

The Sisu Story

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About Sisuvow

Sisuvow was created with the sole purpose of helping marriages become healthier.

“Sisu” comes from a Finnish root word that implies courage, inner strength, willpower, and perseverance. It is not momentary but rather the ability to sustain. Finland is consistently ranked one of the happiest countries in the world with sisu being at the heart of their culture.

Make the vow to persevere in the right direction. From this day forward, to be married in fitness and in health.

It’s Time To Protect

The Institution Of Marriage.

It’s one of our greatest institutions, yet rare to find positive encouragement that supports its value. The SISUVOW bracelet is a movement in the right direction to empower healthier lifestyles in marriages, families and society as a whole.


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